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Article: Dear Lillie Jane Austen Pillow Tutorial

Dear Lillie Jane Austen Pillow Tutorial -
Dear Lillie

Dear Lillie Jane Austen Pillow Tutorial

The lovely and talented Jennifer Holmes, owner of Dear Lillie, was kind enough to share the following tutorial for her Jane Austen silhouette pillow cover. This simple craft takes less than an hour, but has stunning results. To purchase a 18" by 18" screenprinted version of this pillow from Jenni, visit Dear

Now here is how to make it:
1). Purchase some iron on adhesive
2) Find the fabric you want to use.
3) Now follow the directions on your interfacing and iron the fabric to the interfacing 
until they are fused together.
4) Next trace your silhouette or whatever design you would like onto the paper side of the interfacing.
(To get your silhouette you can either print a design out from your computer onto cardstock and then cut it out or use a silhouette machine to cut it).
5) Here are the traced out images.
6) Now cut out the images.
7) Flip them over to the fabric side to make sure you are happy with them.
8) Now just peal off the paper off the back of the interfacing.
9) Press into onto the front of a blank pillow cover.
10) Iron it on
11) Now stuff your pillow form in and there you have it!

Jennifer Holmes lives in Williamsburg, VA with her husband and their two little girls. Her blog covers a wide array of things from new Dear Lillie products, giveaways, home decorating and bits and pieces from their day to day life.


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