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Article: From English Grad to Real-Life Elizabeth Bennet

From English Grad to Real-Life Elizabeth Bennet -
austen mania

From English Grad to Real-Life Elizabeth Bennet

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an English graduate with absolutely no fortune must be in want of a job.austen mania

  Three weeks later… And I landed myself with the most perfect role; dressing up in long, elegant dresses, talking about one of the most famous female authors of all time and not to mention the opportunity to see Mr. Darcy as much I want…. in the form of a mannequin. During July of this year I excitingly began working as a Tour Guide at the Jane Austen Centre, Bath and this was just the start of my Austen mania.


Three weeks previously… I nervously stumbled up the stairs towards the Function Room of the Warminster Athenaeum Theatre, on a quiet Thursday summer evening. The room was filled with many “Janes”, “Lydias”, “Mr Bennets” and unfortunately even the odd “Mr Collins”, all anxiously awaiting their audition. However, Adela and Heather, the directors of the play, made us all feel completely at ease and it was probably one of the most laid back, enjoyable auditions I’ve ever attended.


And three weeks later… I received a phone call from Heather offering me the part of Miss Elizabeth Bennet - shocked and amazed that I wasn’t going to be playing another tree in chorus 3 again, I took it. Conversing about Jane Austen, learning about her time in Bath, dressing up in regency costumes AND playing the part of perhaps her most famous protagonist, I really am living the English Grad’s dream and I feel incredibly lucky and excited about this very special opportunity. Watch this space to follow the mishaps, mayhem and magic of my Austen journey.


Zoe B Save

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