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Article: Jane Austen News - Issue 88

Jane Austen News - Issue 88 -

Jane Austen News - Issue 88

What's the Jane Austen News this week?  

We're Loving The New Warbutons Ad! You might have seen that earlier this week we shared the new Warbuton's advert on our Facebook page...The Jane Austen News is suddenly craving bread... Normally adverts are a bit dry, but occasionally a company will go all out and create a masterpiece. At the Jane Austen News we thought this one, dubbed "Pride and Breadjudice" was wonderful. Admittedly some of the jokes in it might be a bit baffling if you haven't seen any of Peter Kay's previous work ("Garlic Bread!") but even if this is the case, we're sure you'll still enjoy it. They managed to fit in a lot of Austen references!   [embed][/embed]
Jane Smashes Estimates At Auction
On the 6th of October the Bank of England's charity auction was held in London, and featured within the auction was the Jane Austen £10 note with the serial number AA01 000010. It was estimated that the note would sell for between two and three thousand pounds, but instead it was sold for an amazing £7,200! Seven hundred and twenty times its face value! This is partly because it's the note with the lowest serial number which is available to buy. The Queen was gifted AA01 000001. The second note printed was given to Prince Philip, the third to Theresa May, the Prime Minister, and the fourth to Philip Hammond, the Chancellor. (The Bank of England also holds back some other early-printed notes to give to museums and other institutions.) In total there were 87 £10 notes at the auction with serial numbers between 10 and 100, and these also did very well. The second lot (AA01 000011) sold for £5,200, and AA01 000012 sold for £3,500. A sheet of notes with serial numbers between CB01 507394 and CB54 507394 sold for way over its estimate of £4,500-£6,500, and sold in the end for £13,500! In total the Austen £10 section of the sale ended up raising £263,200 for charity. Proceeds will go to three charities: Candlelighters (a charity which helps children with cancer and their families), Haven House Children's Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support.
 From Mansfield Park to Murder
Last year the Folio Society announced that Mansfield Park was going to be the subject of their annual Book Illustration Competition, which gives illustrators the opportunity to win an exclusive commission from the Society to illustrate the published copy of whatever book is the subject. The winner, Darya Shnykina, a student from Moscow, won the commission and the edition of Mansfield Park featuring her illustrations has been released this month. Some examples of her illustrations: This year however things have taken a darker turn as the book chosen for the competition is a selection of Sherlock Holmes short stories. Just a slight change of subject then!

Is The Mr Darcy Complex A Thing?
The "Mr. Darcy Complex" is a term I heard from my mom, who heard it from a friend who had been observing her daughter's dating habits with a keen eye, and I think there is a lot of wisdom in it. Her observations are that women these days tend to hold men up to the romantic standards set by fictional literary flames such as Mr. Darcy and, by doing so, set every man they meet up to be a disappointment.
We're intrigued to find out, having read the article on Verily, from which this quote comes, whether The Mr Darcy Complex is something that other people have come across? It's the first many of us at the Jane Austen News have heard of it! At least the first time we've heard it given a name.

 Darcy's Is Downright Posh (And Proud of It)
Bath is often seen as being quite posh, and Darcy's, the newsagents a few houses up from the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street, is perfectly happy to reinforce that image and has just been lorded as the "poshest newsagents in Britain". Having undergone a complete makeover, the newsagents can boast of features such as Victorian wallpaper (discovered by accident!), a smart green-and-white painted shop front, cast iron features and old fashioned lettering, and, naturally, a chandelier! We wonder what Mr Darcy would make of 'his' newsagents being the poshest in Britain!

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