Pride and Prejudice, one week to go!

That's right, one week to go and Mrs Bennet isn't the only one struggling with her 'nerves'! The rest of the cast and I have been working VERY hard over the past few weeks to bring this Austen classic to life and now we are at the final stages. The set is up, the props are being gathered and scripts are being left behind.

Last week we focused on the epilogue; the letters. This scene has been specifically added to our adaptation by our directors after they were inspired by a performance at the Theatre Royal Bath.

  Elizabeth ' My dear Charlotte, give loose to your fancy, indulge your imagination[...] I am engaged to Mr Darcy! [ ...]'   Lydia ' My dear Lizzy, it is a great comfort to have you so... rich, and when you have nothing to do, I hope you will think of us [...] anything would do, of about three or four hundred a year[...]'   Mary Bennet 'Dear diary, Well it looks as if mama's wishes have come true; three daughters married!’   Mrs Hurst 'What a joy for us to have gained another five new 'sisters' we are indeed... fortunate'    Mr Bennet 'Cousin Collins [...] Elizabeth will soon be the wife of Mr Darcy. Console Lady Catherine as well as you can. However, if I were you, I would stand by the nephew. He has more to give...'  

 Although at first the letters seemed flat and a bit static, we have now upped the energy, added music and sped up the cues and now the scene is much more polished and concludes the play perfectly.

 With only five rehearsals left, the pressure is on. Everyone seems to be feeling both excited and petrified, or rather, in the words of Jane: 'Half agony, half hope!'

Until next time

Zoe (or Lizzy Bennet)

  Us Bennet sisters misbehaving backstage...Mama and Papa would not be impressed!  

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