A Brief Programme of Upcoming Jane Austen Theatre

We thought our fellow Austen fans might like to know about a couple of Jane Austen theatre events which we've found out are happening soon. The first is an event which is nice and close to us - a performance of Sense and Sensibility at the Bishop's Palace in Wells (Wells is approximately 25 minutes from Bath). The theatre company The Pantaloons will bring their vibrant sense of fun to Jane Austen’s classic Sense and Sensibility in an outdoor performance on July 5th.  It is set to be a "funny, fast-paced and faithful new adaptation from the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company, featuring live music, audience interaction, romance and heartbreak." More information can be found on the Bishop's Palace website. (N.B. A full list of performance venues and dates for The Pantaloons production can be found here. Other nearby locations to Bath include Somerset's Montacute House and Bristol's St Andrew's Park)

Jane Austen Theatre - Persuasion MusicalFinally, we've heard news that the Chicago Chamber Orchestra will be touring the UK again this year with their musical production of Persuasion. This year will be the first time that the production will be performed in Wales; with a performance on August the 3rd in Cardiff. Other confirmed dates are for July 31st in Portsmouth, and August 7th in Paignton. More details can be found here.

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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is offering adaptations of Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility this August – and for the truly obsessive there is a one-man play about Mr Astley, one of the few real people mentioned in Jane Austen’s novels – or at least his famous equestrian show is mentioned in Emma, where Mr and Mrs John Knightley, their two eldest sons, their house guest Harriet Smith and Robert Martin attend a performance. The improvised comedy group Austentatious (in which the audience is asked to write down titles for a supposedly newly discovered Austen novel and the company picks one out of a hat and then acts it out) is also back for what will probably be another successful year.

KG1802 July 26, 2020

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