News for Janeites - October 2020 Wrap Up

For an almost two and a half century old lady, Austen somehow manages to keep making the news. Here's everything you might have missed in October.

Persuasion set to get the cinematic treatment

If Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships, then Austen's writing launched a thousand careers, with most of her books getting adapted every couple of years for the silver and small screen. Persuasion is not quite as popular as the others, for whatever reason, but good news- there's one in the works! Succession's Sarah Snook is set to play Anne Elliot in an upcoming adaptation of Austen's final full work.

New Netflix joint 'Bridgerton' to be Austen meets Gossip Girl

TV titan Shonda Rhimes (of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal Fame) brings us a new period drama, touted as 'Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl'. Dropping on Netflix on Christmas day, Shondaland's Bridgerton promises drama, romance and intrigue.

New online bookshop set to help Independent bookshops rival Amazon

If you were looking to gift a delightful edition of one of Austen's works for Christmas, look no further than our lovely giftshop here at the Jane Austen Centre. For all of your other bookshop needs, has finally landed in the UK, helping Independent bookshops to stay afloat in these challenging times. Now that England is headed for a second lockdown, do consider doing your festive bookshopping with an independent.

Lex Croucher set to publish regency debut Reputation next Summer

Croucher found her start on YouTube, before publishing her first YA Non-Fiction You're Crushing It! last year. Her first novel, Regency romance Reputation, is set to hit shelves next July, with Croucher herself admitting that it is a product of, "a lifelong obsession with writing and a prolonged and sordid love affair with Jane Austen." Sounds good to me! 
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