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Jane Miscellany

Henry and Eliza -  A Novel

Henry and Eliza: A Novel

Henry and Eliza -  A Novel
Humble Servant

Henry and Eliza: A Novel

A charming piece full of intrigue and elopements.

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Edgar & Emma

A Tale in Three Chapters

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A first novel attempt by Jane Austen

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The Adventures of Mr. Harly, Sir William Montague

Three short pieces written by Jane Austen for her seafaring brothers

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The sad story of the beautiful Rose

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Lady Dorothea

Love & Freindship

One of the most famous of Austen's early attempts

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De Courcy

Lady Susan

Jane Austen's Epistolatory Novel

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Charles Adams

Jack and Alice

A Novel in Nine Chapters

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Frederic and Elfrida

A Novel in Five Chapters

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Accomplishments Virtues

The Beautifull Cassandra

A Novel in Twelve Chapters

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Jane Austen

The Three Sisters

A Novel in Letters

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prayers of Jane Austen

On Each Return of the Night: A Prayer by Jane Austen

One of several prayers written by Jane for Family Devotions

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