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Article: Chat with Jane Austen Fans Around the World

Chat with Jane Austen Fans Around the World -
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Chat with Jane Austen Fans Around the World

e who’s ever searched for Jane Austen on the internet has, at some point, come across the The Republic of Pemberley. As the oldest and largest Austen Forum, they are known far and wide for the variety of topics they cover and the number of posters they attract. But what if you are looking for a different type of discussion, information or simply a place to meet like minded people? Whether you have a question about the Regency and Georgian England or simply wish to discuss some small piece of Austenia, there are a wealth of other boards out there, happy to receive visitors.

Austenblog, the newest board on the scene is a compendium of news about Jane Austen in popular culture. This site has links to upcoming film and book information and hot off the press news and photos. It is updated daily and the editors welcome comments and questions. Mollands, an extension of Tilneys and Trapdoors, offers yet another choice for the Janeite who wishes, if not tea, at least conversation. The nine continuous topics are not all Austen related, but include “The Chawton Round Table” (conversations about Jane), “Inkstaind Wretches” (for posting fan fiction, poetry and other scribblings), “The Stacks” (to talk about books, books, and more books) and range from sports to movies to space simply to sound off. Truly not only good company, but the best. The International Movie Database offers message boards for each film, so if you have comments, scoops, questions or just want to see what’s being said, you can head over there for what’s sure to be stimulating conversation. Just type in the title of the movie you want to discuss and scroll to the bottom of that page to read the posts. Jane Austen Fan Fiction is rampant on the internet. If that’s what you are looking for (a place to read, a place to post, a place to recommend) try a Google search of “Jane Austen Fan Fiction” the results are too many to list here. Have fun enjoying Austen on the internet with new friends from around the world.

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Dear Jane Austen “Interessierte”
I have been admiring the works of Jane Austen, mainly on film for quite some years now. How great it is also to read passages from her books aloud. Maybe next year, I will have the opportunity to visit the UK and Chawton.
Best Wishes from Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein.

Stephanie Knowles

I had to write a letter to her for my English Class this is how it went

Dear Jane Austen,

After finishing Pride and Prejudice I feel as if I need to read it a few more times to fully grasp the overall concept of the book and appreciate your genius. Upon my first reading, I felt as if you added a lot of unnecessary information in which I blamed on your time and age of writing but later saw how wonderfully you made everything fall together. Not a detail that was aforementioned did not have a complacent ending. The only fault I could possibly see, is more of compliment if anything, which is I wanted the ending to be longer. Maybe I read it too fast out of aspiration or just general excitement but it seemed too condensed to really give all the characters justice. I understand it’s like an end of a film where we get to see how all of the character’s lives played out and I guess it’s just pure selfishness but I yearned for more. I think this was just because everything else was described so thoughtfully, that just a conclusion of the events seemed so rushed. Either way I have the highest regards for you as an author and wish so much to meet you. Your language has widely expanded my vocabulary and I tend to use your words or essense of them on a daily basis now. Even though I’m sure there are many drawbacks to living in this era you somehow made it seem so whimsical that I, a person who is very involved in her technology, become wishful of being in your time. You have created such wonderful people who even though differ in personalities have a simpleness to them that is easy to understand the basis of their characters. I have fallen in love with the scene, people, and events so much that I feel a connection to them like you often do when you get lost in a book. As I see it each book is a glimpse into a different world and I’m very grateful for you letting me be apart of yours. I highly doubt that there will be a time where I don’t remember the events in great detail. Reading your work has given me a better outlook on life, I no longer see wealth and beauty as a major advantage and place more value on character. I see my former self in Elizabeth where I would hear something about someone and automatically believe it to be true without proper confrontation. And with writing so detailed as your own I feel as if I have experienced every emotion with the person. I deem this book to be so good I plan to read all of your works to perhaps see you develop as a writer. Upset as I may be of the last chapter, I am comforted by the fact that you did not go too far into the future so that may stay forever young at heart.

With all my love and warmest regards,

Sarah Nacole


Hey, my name is Agata Pietrzak and I am Polish student. I am currently working on my BA thesis on Jane Austen’s translation of “Pride and Prejudice”. I would like to ask you to complete the survey. THANK YOU !
link to the survey:


Anybody from the Aldershot area going to this years Jane Austen festival, I am looking for some like minded company!


Hi, I’m doing a little research on Jane, and a millwright who provided paper to Jane in 1814, Ive got evidence of the paper maker knowing jane as they lived very close to each other in Chawton and Alton. But i need a time line of the houses where Jane lived whilst i speak to the mills archive, any help would be good.


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