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Article: The Regency Wardrobe - Artist Turning Regency Fashions Into Artworks

The Regency Wardrobe
#regency fashion

The Regency Wardrobe - Artist Turning Regency Fashions Into Artworks

The Regency Wardrobe at Firle Place

A new exhibition will be opening at the end of this month showcasing an artists' interpretation of several Regency era outfits, including walking dresses, naval uniforms and even a red frock coat! The Regency Wardrobe will be on display for a month, from August 29th to October 26th.

The exhibition will feature eleven pieces by the paper textile artist Stephanie Smart and will be held at Firle Place, the Sussex manor house that starred as Hartfield in the popular 2020 adaptation of Emma. The eleven pieces are all intricately detailed and inspired by period, place, history and story. What is most astonishing about her collection is the fact they are all made exclusively from paper! By utilising rice paper, tissue paper and the technique of quilling, Smart recreates all the grandeur and pomp you would expect from Regency garments. All the pieces she creates are life size and add to the historic feel of each room at Firle House.

One highlight of the exhibition is the ball dress that has been displayed on a traditional Regency style chalked floor. Chalked floors were originally intended to make ballrooms less slippery, but soon became a trend in their own right. 

You can get into the creative spirit yourself with our very own Spencer Dress Pattern. Why not try your own paper textile take on a Regency style garment? If you simply can't wait to get started, you could even use our Regency Gown E-Pattern to create your own masterpiece!

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Words by Hannah England

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