A Jane Austen Quiz - Marriage and Courtship

Enjoy this week's quiz focusing on Marriage and Courtship!


I agree with both points, question 9 is definitely Emma and Mr Knightley.

AdamQ July 26, 2020

Yes, I logged in just to point out about the error about the white satin question. :)

MorgannaLeFey July 26, 2020

Ah, you ladies are on it before me, pointing out the error for the answer to question 9:

“The result of this distress was, that, with a much more voluntary, cheerful consent than his daughter had ever presumed to hope for at the moment, she was able to fix her wedding-day—and Mr. Elton was called on, within a month from the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin, to join the hands of Mr. Knightley and Miss Woodhouse.
The wedding was very much like other weddings, where the parties have no taste for finery or parade; and Mrs. Elton, from the particulars detailed by her husband, thought it all extremely shabby, and very inferior to her own.—“Very little white satin, very few lace veils; a most pitiful business!—Selina would stare when she heard of it.”—But, in spite of these deficiencies, the wishes, the hopes, the confidence, the predictions of the small band of true friends who witnessed the ceremony, were fully answered in the perfect happiness of the union.”

ELP July 26, 2020

Question 2 could apply to John Thorpe, who believed that, in extracting from Catherine an agreement that engagements were a good thing, he had actually become engaged to her. His sister Isabella also thought so, to Catherine’s distress.

Question 9 is definitely a description of Emma and George’s wedding and Mrs Elton’s reaction to it..

Catkin July 26, 2020

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