Which Of These Austen Heroes Is For You?


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GabrielFet October 13, 2020

Mr Darcy for me. I knew teacup pig would be a secret favourite of his, too! Looking forward to the wet shirt moment…

Kathy D September 25, 2020

I (without discussion with her) entered answers I though my wife may have selected. I got Captain Wentworth. Not sure what to conclude from that. I’ll let her know. I hope your next edition includes a similar quiz for we men so we can be advised which heroine is our soul mate. I guess we would all secretly hope to be assigned Miss E Bennet although I might hope for Anne Eliot or maybe Catherine Moreland when she was a few years older. I wonder what answers would be needed to secure Fanny Price? If it was 50 years ago, when I was young and unattached, a short dalliance with Mary Crawford would be fun.

Bill Coote September 25, 2020

I do like Edmund Bertram but I prefer Mr Darcy or Captain Wentworth, perhaps I should try again!

Fay September 25, 2020

I was matched with someone totally different than what I see here. Henry Tinley. Sweet, I’ll take him anytime!

Martha Anderson September 25, 2020

I got Mr Darcy! After this next 6 month lockdown with him, I will report back. So very worried I was going to get Mr Collins🙄😮

Sonia Copland September 24, 2020

I got Edmond Bertram who I absolutely despise!

Renee September 24, 2020

I did it twice and gave the same answers — except one. When I answered honestly that my favorite animal was a cat, I got Capt. Wentworth. I reckon cats are better sailors. Then I changed the cat to a dog to get Mr. Darcy (though he’d have to like a cat too for me to be perfectly content).

J Montgomery-Jones September 24, 2020

I did it twice because I had a variety of answers, first time I got Captain Wentworth and I do like him then I got Mr Darcy, so I have two chaps how lucky am I. Depending on my mood.

susan Mascall September 23, 2020

Romance all the way

Paul hart September 23, 2020

I liked the short quiz. I was curious about what the result would be and did it for fun. I like all of Austen’s heroes very much although there is one who has a special place in my heart – Mr. Darcy! Delighted that quiz result was him. Thank you for the short und fun quiz.

Migdalia September 23, 2020

I was actually hoping for Mr Tilney. I don’t believe Mr Darcy could be anyone’s best friend.

Julia September 23, 2020

i love Mr Darcy but would have just as been happy with Capt Wentworth.

margaret September 23, 2020

Mr. Darcy for me. Thank you, I’ll take it!

Lisa Larsen September 23, 2020

Captain Wentworth, I am so delighted (I am determined).
To Adam (above) good comment and reminder that Austen fans are males too. I Just get lost in all the flummery and frills. We need a quiz for the best matched heroines too.

Madeleine HolM September 22, 2020

Gets Mr. Darcy Pretends to be surprised Look, I knew he was my soulmate since I first read P&P when I was 13!
Nice quiz!

Ava September 22, 2020

I liked it because Captain Wentworth is my hero!

M Todd September 22, 2020

So Colin,
come and catch me 🤗🤗🤗

Petra Happich September 22, 2020

I knew it!! Lost in Austen…. 😊!

Anne Thelander September 22, 2020

I cold live with this.

Nancy Schwalen September 22, 2020

I’m so happy!!!!!! My hero is Mr. Darcy !!!!!! I knew it, we would be perfect together!!!!!

ingrid de smet September 22, 2020

Well Mr Darcy is my hero and I always knew that we would make a great couple, as I married my Mr Darcy

Lynne Wald September 22, 2020

Delighted with quiz
And result !!!
Capt Wentworth has always been my favorite !!

Elizabeth Bryan Rhode September 22, 2020

As a male, may I point out that there are a good many of us around. Jane Austen is not chicklit and her admirers are not restricted to being female. I consider this sort of quiz focussed only on women (as was the last one) to be rather sexist in this day and age.

Adam Quinan September 22, 2020

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