Which Austen Bad Boy Would You Have Fallen For?


I love the quizzes on the books, on Jane and other writers, and on her life and times. But, like Mr. Samuel, I do not like this one. It seems to be designed for teenage girls or twenty-something women. I’m not in either category!

Janis November 22, 2020

Who is this actor & what is the film in which he played a Jane Austen character?

Jill Mooney November 19, 2020

Several of the questions need a No or Never option. The most negative you can get is Not Always, which implies you would sometimes and in some of them that does not apply to me. Of course then you would get people who would not fall for any of the bad boys.

Kathleen Glancy November 19, 2020

I dont even think modern men know how to flirt. They either stare a lot,obviously thinking this will lead to a relationship without further effort on their part. Or they make their interest known,and when you respond favourably they go off with someone else!!!

Penny Hodges November 18, 2020

I can’t do the present quiz as it is slanted for women only to take part.

David Samuel November 18, 2020

That was fun and coincidentally I’m currently reading Sense a Sensibility, again.

Mimi James November 17, 2020

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