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Article: How To Make a Reticule

How To Make a Reticule -

How To Make a Reticule

This little reticule was first featured as a project in Petersen's Magazine in 1857. As you can see from the Regency fashion plate, it is a style that was popular even then. By definition, a reticule (or ridicule as they were sometimes called) was a small purse. They became popular in the late 18th century when narrow gown styles prevented the installation of pockets.
This is a very pretty design for a reticule. Materials: green silk, purple morocco [fine soft kid as from gloves] and pasteboard. Cut the bottom out of pasteboard the size you wish, and cover it with the morocco, bringing the morocco a little up the sides as a finish, the pasteboard having first been turned up for that purpose. Then sew on the four pieces of silk, and complete with a drawing string of sewing silk below to match the silk of the bag.
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Laura Boyle is fascinated by all aspects of Jane Austen’s life. She is the proprietor of Austenation: Regency Accessories, creating custom hats, bonnets, reticules and more for customers around the globe. Cooking with Jane Austen and Friends is her first book. Her greatest joy is the time she is able to spend in her home with her family (1 amazing husband, 4 adorable children and a very strange dog.)

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