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Article: Jane Austen's Bracelet

Jane Austen's Bracelet -

Jane Austen's Bracelet

Included in the collection at Jane Austen's House Museum at Chawton are a few pieces of jewellery owned by the Austen women. These include Jane's gold and turquoise ring, and the topaz crosses brought back from a voyage by the Austen's younger brother, Charles. Both of these are available at the Jane Austen Gift Shop as beautiful replica pieces. And now, due to great demand, we have at last added our version of the third piece: Jane's lovely beaded bracelet. Jane Austen's Bracelet Made exclusively for us in Somerset, each bracelet is intricately hand strung with Miyuki Glass Seed Beads, and completed with a Sterling Silver Gold Plated Box Clasp. It's a must for fans and collectors alike, as well as a delightful accessory in its own right. Even Jane approves..! You can see our lovely new replica bracelet here Save

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