The Jane Austen Centre in Bath focuses on the life and works of Jane Austen, as well as the Regency period in which she lived. A constantly evolving attraction, the Centre aims to inform and entertain visitors. 

The attraction is interactive, and the experience is immersive. Actor guides dressed in Regency costume, period decoration throughout and exhibits bring visitors closer to Jane Austen. The Centre also organises another one of the top things to do in Bath, the Jane Austen Festival. You can read more about the festival on our Festival page.

We host a number of walking tours around Bath as well, highlighting key parts of the city from Austen's works and painting a picture of her life here. 

The Jane Austen Centre is a family friendly attraction.


Accessibility Information: We are based in a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse and therefore we regrettably don’t have a lift. The entrance has a small step to the front door - however we have a ramp available and our greeter at the front door will be very happy to help!

The exhibition is flat with only a few stairs leading to this, and can be accessed in reverse via a ramp. Our talk room (where one of our actors begins your visit by performing a 20 minute talk about Jane Austen’s life) is on the first floor - this is up 2 flights of stairs of around 10 steps each, so unfortunately this part of the experience is not wheelchair accessible. The tea room is up a further 2 flights on the second floor. Our toilets are in the basement which is a small flight of around 10 stairs below the exhibition level.

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