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Jane Austen Regency World Magazine Issue Details

 Issue 43 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Sex in the City: read how London was built on the wages of sin
  • Jane's 'civil rogue': Maggie Lane looks at the work of the publisher John Murray
  • When the bubble burst: how the South Sea Bubble affected Jane's generation
  • Three Creole ladies: Empress Josephine, Fanny Nisbet and Jane Leigh Perrot
  • Figures of Good: comparing Mansfield Park with Iris Murdoch's A Fairly Honourable Defeat
  • Prince of Prints: inside Ackermann's Repository
  • Plus - test your Austen knowledge with our great new quiz; and all the regular features, including book reviews, My Jane Austen and news from JAS and JASNA


Issue 45 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Bright Star - the story behind Jane Campion's film about John Keats and Fanny Brawne
  • Peterloo massacre - what happened when the citizens of Manchester demanded the vote
  • Woman to woman - when friendship between two ladies crossed a boundary
  • Cracking the Coade - the story of Eleanor Coade and her artificial stone
  • Reading aloud - a popular pastime in Jane Austen's era


Issue 46 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Austen or Bronte? - Maggie Sullivan, editrix of, discusses media suggestions that 'Bronte is the new Austen'
  • The Bath Bugabo (or little green man): Cathryn Spence, from the American Museum in Bath, writes about an eccentric man who terrified ladies in both Bath and Brighton
  • Where there's a Will: a look at the final wishes of some of Jane Austen's family
  • Only a Grandmother: Maggie Lane talks about Jane's treatment of grandparents in her writing


Issue 47 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • The Latin touch: how Jane's fame is spreading in Brazil
  • A very secret diary: Anne Lister's love for a woman has been turned into a film
  • A Cornish exile: the life and times of Charles Austen, Jane's seafaring brother
  • Jane's best jest: comparing Emma with Mansfield Park
  • Required reading: no Georgian gentleman could afford to miss Gentleman's Magazine


Issue 50 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • JARW at Fifty: The Jane Austen community worldwide celebrates the 50th edition of Jane Austen's Regency World
  • Sandy Lerner interview: The entrepreneur who rescued Chawton House speaks exclusively about the pleasure and pain of such a significant project
  • Regency royal weddings: What Prince William and Kate Middleton can learn from Georgian nuptials
  • Home comforts: Maggie Lane on how Jane Austen's books show how ideas about the home were changing.
  • Clerical fathers: Contrasting the lives of George Austen and Patrick Bronte


Issue 51 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Americans in Bath: Celebrating 50 years of the American Museum in Britain
  • Battle wounds and bedlam: Living with illness in Georgian times
  • Loitering with James: Maggie Lane asks if Jane Austen helped her brother with his periodical,The Loiterer
  • Amanda Vickery interview: Meet the academic who has brought the Georgians to life on TV
  • Correspondence culture: Kelly M McDonald on the art of letter writing


Issue 52 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Preview of the Jane Austen Festival taking place in Bath in September
  • Painting a play: Somerset Maugham's fantastic collection of Georgian theatrical paintings is safe
  • Jane's forgotten brother: what became of George Austen?
  • How the seaside is depicted in Jane Austen's novels
  • The day rioters attacked the Lunar Society of Birmingham
  • How did Cassandra Austen handle her sister's legacy, and how will ours be handled when we are gone?


Issue 53 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Jane Austen and Kate Middleton: how they are related
  • Stetsons for JASNA as members prepare to gather in Texas
  • Gorgeous Gainsborough: a new exhibition of the portraitist's landscapes
  • Dealing with illness and death in the Regency era
  • How Jane Austen uses characters overhearing conversations as a literary device
  • The bird man of Lyme Regis and his incredible drawings.


Issue 54 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Andrew Davies reveals to the JASNA conference how he 'sexed-up' Pride & Prejudice
  • A new series of Garrow's Law, the Georgian courtroom drama, hits the TV screens
  • The Night Before Christmas: seasonal writing from 1800s America
  • Stunning pictures from the Jane Austen Festival in Bath
  • Do the men in Sense & Sensibility disappoint, asks Maggie Lane
  • Take a new look at the events that led to the start of the Regency


Issue 55 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • The renowned crime author P. D. James talks about her love of Austen and her new Pride & Prejudice sequel
  • The dangers of pregnancy and childbirth in Georgian times
  • Maggie Lane looks at how Jane Austen depicted wintry weather in her books
  • The other novelist Jane: Jane Porter, and her sister Anna-Maria
  • Face to face with Jane's writing: a look at one of Jane's letters to Cassandra
  • Forget Northanger Abbey - welcome to Nightmare Abbey


Issue 58 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • A Royal Affair: a new film depicts the scandal that rocked a European monarchy
  • Olympic Jane: as the London 2012 Games open, we look at the sports that Jane might have played
  • Bath Jane Austen Festival: an exclusive preview of the fun planned for September
  • Stand and deliver! the terror of highwaymen that threatened Jane's friends and family
  • Gothic horror: how Jane Austen satirised the latest literary fashion
  • Plus all the latest news from the world of Jane Austen, your letters, round-ups from the Jane Austen Society of the UK and the Jane Austen Society of North America, book reviews and quiz


Issue 62 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Austentatious: the theatre group that is improvising Austen themes
  • What Jane did next: life at Chawton Cottage after the publication of Pride & Prejudice
  • Secrets of a happy marriage: the Leigh-Perrots were a devoted couple 
  • Portraits of perfection: miniature paintings were fashionable in Georgian drawing rooms
  • Lonely as a cloud: the life of William Wordsworth, Jane’s contemporary
  • Plus News, Letters, Book Reviews and information from Jane Austen Societies in the US, UK and Australia


Issue 63 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Are You Ready for Love? Take our Darcy courtship test
  • Open-Air Pride and Prejudice: The new Regent's Park Production
  • Regency Rogues: Georgian villians exposed


Issue 64 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Austenland: we speak to Jerusha Hess about her new film depicting one woman's amazing hunt for her Mr Darcy
  • Our exclusive preview of this year's Jane Austen Festival in Bath
  • The Countess of Jersey, serial adultress and debauchee is this issue's Regency Rogue
  • Letters from Jane: a look at Austen's correspondence
  • Plump cheeks and thick ankles: how Jane Austen used appearance to size up her characters
  • A social reformer and a place called Harmony: the tale of Robert Owen


Issue 65 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • A preview of the Jane Austen Society of North America's AGM in Minneapolis at the end of September
  • The puppetteers who are bringing Northanger Abbey to life
  • Welcome Prince George - a very Austen name for the new royal baby
  • A peek at day-to-day life in Jane Austen's England
  • Reporting on the Battle of Trafalgar - plus Nelson's funeral
  • The Georgian outdoor swimming pool in need of restoration
  • Remembering Fanny Burney and her sister, Sarah Harriet


Issue 67 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Celebrating the bicentenary of the publication of Mansfield Park
  • How Jane Austen’s third novel tackled the issue of slavery
  • Sympathy and advice for Mary Crawford
  • The scandal of being caught up in a breach of promise of marriage case
  • Why Jane Austen preferred the Navy over the Army
  • Introducing the Jane Austen Club of Moscow


Issue 68 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • William Beckford, the remarkable author and architect who led a somewhat sordid life
  • Joanna Trollope on her rewriting of Sense & Sensibility for HarperCollins’s Austen Project
  • Mary Russell Mitford, the writer who sought to emulate Jane Austen
  • How Jane Austen supported her fellow writers by subscribing to their books
  • The story of Julie Klassen, marketing assistant turned best-selling Regency romance novelist
  • … as well as the latest News, Letters, our astonishing Regency Rogue, Austen quiz, news from Austen societies around the world and book reviews


Issue 78 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Preparing for 2017 at Chawton Mary Guyatt’s vision for Jane Austen’s House Museum
  • Forty and fabulous Jane had to much to celebrate by the time of her 40th birthday
  • Lottery hopes Entering the draw offered huge winnings for a few, but others were less successful
  • Chamber pots and privies The bathroom and hygiene habits of our Georgian forebears
  • Spies at work Who was watching your every move in Regency Britain?
  • Seasonal presents Festive gift ideas for the Jane Austen fan in your life
  • News from Austen societies in the UK, the US and Australia


Issue 92 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine 

  • Hamilton, the musical Jane Austen’s US contemporary is a stage hit
  • At the Court of St James What did Sir William Lucas mean by ‘dancing at court’?
  • Jane visits the museum The weird, wonderful and obscure exhibits that were on display
  • Monkey puzzle The shipwreck and the monkey: was it all that it seemed?
  • Austen’s landscapes Exploring how Capability Brown and Humphry Repton informed the novels
  • Why did Jane never marry? One writer has come up with his own theory
  • Aunt Jane’s advice Letters to a favourite niece show how much she cared


Issue 93 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Man and machine Were the Luddites friend or foe?
  • Jane Austen’s children Young people are never far away, whether in life or in the novels
  • Women on the gallows Terrifying tales of Georgian ladies condemned to hang
  • Fun by the seaside The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a symbol of decadence
  • Spreading the faith Selina, Countess of Huntingdon, and her role in the expansion of Methodism
  • Aunt Jane’s advice Letters to a favourite niece show how much she cared


Issue 94 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Flying start Air travel in Jane Austen’s day – including some sky-high romantic adventures
  • Staging Persuasion A new adaptation is touring the UK to rave reviews
  • Painting for love Thomas Gainsborough’s family portraits will be on display in the UK and the US
  • Rioting on the streets of London References to civil unrest can be found in Northanger Abbey
  • Janeites are gathering Exclusive previews of the Jane Austen Festival in Bath and the JASNA AGM in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Searching for a lost Austen library Can you help to find missing volumes from the Godmersham library?


Issue 102 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Christmas at Pemberley Why is Pride & Prejudice increasingly being treated as a festive tale?
  • Inside Mr Darcy's picture gallery The paintings that Elizabeth Bennet might have seen on her visit
  • Tribute to Jane Austen's 'beloved friend' Anne Lefroy is remembered in a new biography
  • Meet the women of Peterloo Men were not alone in demanding change at Manchester in 1819
  • Austen's festive music Yuletide merriment from Jane's own collection
  • Regency rogue Henry Fauntleroy, who was convicted of forgery


Issue 103 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine 

  • Valentine's surprise Romance in Jane Austen's time
  • A nation in mourning The funeral of King George III was an elaborate affair
  • Jane and the zodiac Matching Austen's characters with their star signs
  • Austen's favourite people Two writers who influenced Jane's work
  • 'Rapid and correct' How long did it take Austen to write her books?
  • Revolution averted Uncovering the Cato Street conspiracy


Issue 105- Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Belgravia on screen. A new series from the creator of Downton Abbey
  • Austen during lockdown. Jane in quarantine, a cholera epidemic and films for isolation
  • Gathering of fans. The Jane Austen Summer Program in North Carolina
  • Who would hate Austen? We forget that her work was not always appreciated
  • Elusive allusions. Hidden meanings in Jane Austen's novels
  • Austen is the best medicine. Natalie Jenner introduces her new novel, The Jane Austen Society


Issue 106 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Travelling bridesmaids - Brides and grooms were rarely alone on their wedding night
  • Austen after the pandemic. Great plans for Chawton House, and local groups share tips for lockdown
  • Playing with yo-yos. The craze that swept through Regency England
  • Meet Princess Amelia. The youngest daughter of King George III and Queen Charlotte
  • The Jane Austen Festival in Bath. Remembering the first 20 years of the festival
  • Tartan rebellion. It is 200 years since a group of Scots rose up against their rulers


Issue 107 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Mary had a little hammer - Kate Winslet stars in a new film about a famous fossil hunter
  • Cassandra Austen: arsonist or heroine? - Gill Hornby's new book considers the literary reputation of Jane's sister
  • Tributes to Deirdre Le Faye, the distinguished Austen biographer died in August aged 86
  • Churchill and Chawton - Britain's wartime leader was an admirer of Jane Austen
  • Who would join an 'ugly club'? - Plenty of people in Liverpool did just that
  • 'My ancestor was executed' - Gyles Brandreth tells of his ancestor's conviction for treason


Issue 108 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Lockdown at Jane Austen's House - House director Lizzie Dunford has a message of hope and inspiration
  • Thanksgiving with Jane - Messages of thanks and appreciation can be found throughout the novels
  • Beer for breakfast? - What you drank and where you drank it was largely determined by sex and class
  • The noble sport of pedestrianism - This fierce trial of stamina was all the rage in Regency England
  • Jane in the Bahamas - Clues to Austen's unlikely Caribbean connection
  • Finding good society - Playing online Austen games during lockdown


 Issue 109 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • A royalty of princesses - The six daughters of George III
  • Austen's first flight - Did Jane witness a hot-air balloon taking off in Bath
  • God save the King - Four versions of the National Anthem can be found in Jane's music collection
  • Austen and the Ottoman empire - Jane was aware of the Turks, but how aware were they of her?
  • Gas lights and locomotives - Remarkable inventions during Austen's lifetime
  • Reaching for Jane - Exploring Austen's influence on Georgette Heyer


 Issue 110 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Austen and Bridgerton - Wealth, lust and betrayal in Regency England
  • Anna with variations - Jane's niece and a musical jokeChawton in the 1800s - Remarkable photographs of the 'Great House'
  • Making sense of the census - Controversy over how to cope with a rising population
  • Kitchen ingredients - Exploring the larders, pantries and stoves of Jane's time
  • Storming the US Capitol - The day British troops attacked in 1814


 Issue 111 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Seaside fun - Puppets that pack a punch
  • London's burning - Fire safety in Jane's day
  • Crime, punishment and George III - Plus: an Austen relation sent to the gallows
  • Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte? - Our writer admires them both, but sides with Austen
  • Mansfield Park and the work ethic - Sir Thomas prepares the Price brothers for employment
  • Regency rogue - Mary Ann Clark's career of corruption


 Issue 112 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Festival preview - Janeites prepare for their return to Bath
  • Exclusive: the silent Austen film - What happened to plans for a 1917 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice?
  • Caught in a tight place - Jane's writing has never been more relevant than in the past year
  • Welcome to the ReGINcy - The changing fortunes of this favourite drink
  • Meet the resurrection men - With cadavers in short supply, the bodysnatchers had a solution
  • Witnesses to Waterloo - First-hand accounts from the famous battle of 1815


 Issue 113 - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine

  • Exploring our royal heritage - Bridgerton touches on Queen Charlotte's ancestry
  • Exclusive: the novel that foretells Sanditon - Had Austen read The Farmer of Inglewood Forest?
  • Jane and Winnie-the-Pooh - AA Milne's touching adaptation of Elizabeth Bennet's story
  • Janeites are gathering in the Windy City - Previewing JASNA's annual general meeting in Chicago
  • Austen and the castrati - Male singers whose voices soared to great highs
  • Hey, big spender - Conspicuous consumption was all the rage in Regency England
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