Obstinate, Headstrong Girl! Tote Bag


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Wear Lady Catherine's admonition of Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice as a badge of honour with our great new range of exclusive tote bags, t-shirts and mugs!

Are you an obstinate, headstrong girl?

Our exclusive, attractively designed range allows you to make a great statement - or makes a fun gift for a friend or family member.

This deluxe canvas tote bag offers an eco-friendly, ethically sourced alternative to plastic bags.

  • Long handles - can be worn on your shoulder with comfort.

  • Made of extra strong, durable canvas.

  • Perfect shopping size, measuring 42 x 37 cm and with a 10 cm all-around gusset.

Why not pair it with one of our Obstinate Headstrong Girl t-shirts or mugs?

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