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Love Tokens - Regency Letter Writing Set

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An exquisitely crafted set of Love Tokens that combine the art of origami and letter writing. A unique way to send a note to a loved one, friend or family member that can be folded to create its own envelope. Once received the note is unfolded to reveal quotes on the folds, small illustrations and space for a handwritten message at the centre - a beautiful keepsake.

The Love Tokens have been designed with beautiful images symbolic with Regency times, flowers, vines, birds, butterflies and hearts.

Product features:

  • Each set contains 3 Love Token note sheets, a practice sheet and instructions.
  • Each Love Token note sheet measures 210mm x 210mm and when folded measures 70mm x 70mm approximately.
  • Crafted in England
  • Exclusive to the Jane Austen Centre.

Brief History of the Love Token

Also known as a Puzzle Purse or Love Knot these intricate folded paper objects often contained romantic messages, poems or symbolic imagery and were used to exchange personal messages between lovers in the early 1800s. On each folded section, the sender would write a message that the receiver could then read by opening the puzzle purse fold by fold, revealing more of the message until reaching the final heartfelt message at the centre.

Love Tokens - Regency Letter Writing Set
Love Tokens - Regency Letter Writing Set Sale price£15.00 GBP