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An Emma Adaptation from ITV

An Emma Adaptation from ITV

Production company Tomorrow Studios has teamed up with ITV Studios to produce a new mixed-language, Indian-set adaptation of Emma called Polite Society, which sees the story of Emma transported into modern-day Delhi.

Polite Society follows the exploits of Ania, who is the daughter of a wealthy Indian family and who aspires to match-make for her friends and family. Unfortunately for Ania, her efforts find herself being caught up in a scandal and an unexpected match of her own.

If screen adaptations aren't really your thing, then it might interest you to know too that Polite Society has been released as a book - since the screen adaptation is based on the upcoming novel from Tata First Book Award-winning author, Mahesh Rao. The novel travels through the mansions of India’s elite and celebrates the many routes to happiness by "pairing stiletto-sharp observation and social comedy with moments of true tenderness". At the Jane Austen News we're very much looking forward to hearing more about both the book and the screen adaptation over the coming months.


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