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Article: The Cast of Sanditon is Announced

The Cast of Sanditon is Announced -

The Cast of Sanditon is Announced

Following on from the news of a new adaptation of Emma for ITV, is more ITV adaptation news. Details of casting for the upcoming series of Sanditon (which is currently filming at the wonderfully local Bottleyard Studios near Bristol) have been revealed. So far we have been told that:

Anne Reid (who's previously starred in The Last Tango in Halifax) plays Lady Denham. Lady Denham is a miserly widow who revels in the influence that she holds over the town. Kris Marshall (previously the lead in Death in Paradise) stars as Tom Parker - an enthusiastic and happily married man who dreams of making a name for Sanditon and making it a must-visit resort on the map. Theo James (who's played Mr Kemal Pamuk, Turkish Embassy diplomat in Downton Abbey) plays Sidney Parker, Tom Parker's son, who is a entertaining, charming, and slightly unconventional sparring partner to the heroine of Sanditon - Charlotte Heywood. Rose Williams (who has previously played Princess Claude in Reign) will appear as Charlotte Heywood.
I am absolutely thrilled to be playing Charlotte Heywood. This role is such a blessing. She's a brilliant character- modern, headstrong, with heart and a voice. Andrew Davies’ scripts are so beautifully written and wonderfully full of powerful female characters. I can't wait to start filming with the wonderful cast and creative team on Sanditon.

Rose Williams

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I certainly hope they have not really made the mistake of making Sidney Parker the son of Tom Parker. He is his brother! I absolutely love this book particularly the completed version by ‘Another Lady’. I think Anne Reid will be perfect as Lady Denham but am certainly not sold on the idea of Kris Marshall as Tom Parker or Theo James as Sidney. I guess we shall just have to see. I am happy to see Andrew Davies is involved though.


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