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Article: Create a Faux Bandeau

Create a Faux Bandeau -

Create a Faux Bandeau

The Bandeau hairstyle was favored throughout the Regency as a throwback to ancient times. Here is an easy way to "fake" the look of this period court head piece using a modern headband. Traditional etiquette for presentation at court required white ostrich feathers to be worn, but getting them to stay in place could be tricky! Court Dress, 1799 To create your own headpiece, you'll need:
  • one fabric covered hairband (satin or velvet works nicely)
  • some feathers of various sizes
  • fabric glue
  • jeweled brooch.
louisapeacock The "Louisa" style hairband is available in custom colors from
  1. Pin your hair up in your preferred style and slide the hairband into place.
  2. Pin the brooch onto the hairband where you want your plumes to begin.
  3. Experiment with your plumes to find the perfect arrangement.
  4. Remove the band in order to attach the feathers.
  5. Dip the ends of your plumes in fabric glue and slide into place behind the brooch. The pin should cover the ends of the feathers.
Viola! A lovely Regency look in just a few minutes! Don't have time or resources to create your own? Order a custom made "Faux Bandeau" from

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