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Article: Create a "Marianne" Style Bonnet

Create a "Marianne" Style Bonnet -

Create a "Marianne" Style Bonnet

As many will attest, one of the delights of watching a Jane Austen film is the glory of the costuming. Jenny Beavan's designs for the 1995 Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility were no exception. Beavan, always noted for her impeccable historical designs, was rightfully nominated for both a BAFTA and an Oscar on this film. Marianne wears a delightfully poufed bonnet. Here you will find the instructions for my version of Marianne's famous bonnet. This bonnet was designed for This bonnet was designed for Materials: Needle, Thread, Scissors, pins 1 Round Brimmed straw hat (preferably with a downturned brim) 14x14” or 18x18” square of fabric (your choice for size of pouf) 18x2” strip of fabric 4x4” square of fabric 1 yard ribbon of your choice (I use ½” sheer with satin stripes) Instructions
  • Fold the fabric in quarters and round off the edges. You will now have a circle of fabric. Run a gathering stitch around the edge of the circle and pull it as tight around the top of the crown (just below the line of holes) Tack or pin in place.
  • Find the center of the piece of ribbon. Pin it in place over halfway over the raw edge of the gathered “pouf” in the center, front. Bring the ribbon around the bonnet on both sides, crossing it in the back. Now bring the ribbon to the front again. This time, cross them in the center, front, about an inch and a half away from the edge of the brim (as pictured). Pin in place. Ribbon lies under the band as well as being wrapped in front.
  • Make a “pinwheel” rosette out of the 4” square by rounding off the corners as in Step 1. Now fold the edge under and run a gathering stitch along the edge and pull it tight. Flatten the circle so that the gathered edge is tight in the middle and the rest flares out around it. Tack this in place on top of the crossed ribbons. Trim ribbon edges to desired length. The ribbons are tacked down with a fabric "pinwheel".
  • Fold your remaining fabric strip in thirds and place over the overlapped edge of the gathered fabric and ribbon. Make sure that the raw edges are tucked to the back and stitch this down, around the crown over the overlapped edge, using a hidden stitch. Start at the center back. When you get around to the back again, measure ½” past the first end and cut the fabric. Fold the raw edge under and tack this “finished” end over the raw edge.
Created by Laura Boyle for Austentation: Regency Accessories- Feel free to contact her with any questions or comments about this pattern.

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