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Article: How to Make Decorative Frogs

How to Make Decorative Frogs -

How to Make Decorative Frogs

How to Make Decorative Frogs

One of the easiest ways to dress up a cloak, spencer or other jacket is to replace the buttons with period appropriate "frog" closures. As you can see, these decorative braid fasteners are military in style, but add a certain dash to any item. They are easily customizable and, fortunately, easily created. The following instructions, by Mary Hunt, will have you started in no time.   Decorative frogs can be made of purchased cord or of self-fabric corded tubing. Pin the frog into the desired design, sucuring each loop with small stitches on the underside. Slipstitch the frog to the garment, leaving one loop extending beyond the garment edge for buttoning. Chinese ball buttons are commonly used with decorative frogs and can be made of the same cord. The size of the ball will depend on the thickness of the cord. About 8 to 10 inches of a 1/4" cord makes a small button.   a. Loop cord as shown. b. Loop again over and under first loop. c. Loop a third time, weaving through other two loops. Keep loops open while working. d. Ease together, shaping into a ball. Trim the ends and sew them flat to underside of ball, or leave them long and form the ends into a second frog style loop, as seen in this photo: Decorative frog The possibilities are endless. Enjoy creating your own designs. Have you seen our costume section at our online shop? Have a browse here.  


Thankyou Sarah,
a very thoughtful and well put together letter.
Like you, many readers felt the end of the book a little rushed and wanted to find out what happened next. the industry has obliged and there have been a spate of ‘follow on’ books. Take a Google search and you will find many.
Regards and happy reading


I’m going to make 23 patriotic patchwork purses for my Navy Wives Club members. I desire to make a FROG for the attachment for this project. Natch it’s a long-term project and I’ll need to practice, practice, practice on how to do this. I have some lovely laundry line for wrapping my fabric prior to following your directions. I’m going to spray glue it first…. and then give it a try. Your directions look great.


ok link to costumes is not working and I dont see anywhere to get patterns or tips on making the frogs


Link is now working. Sorry we don’t have any patterns for the frogs other than the one in the article.


Very helpful


I cannot get onto the costume section at your online shop.
Do you have patterns as to how to make any if them?
Susan Fagan


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