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Article: Sew a Regency Gown


Sew a Regency Gown

The caption on this lovely regency gown reads, "Dress of sheer white India muslin. The dress has a short train and is embroidered with gold threads of various weights in a running vine-like pattern with occasional single flowers. The workmanship is exquisite. The fabric is so fine--almost a gauze-- it seems impossible that it can hold the metal thread." As we noted last month, the following pattern should be attempted only by experienced sewers. The illustration shows an embroidered gown of Indian Muslin. It is possible to make this with the included pattern-- but only after enlarging it (click on the pattern to see it full size, and ready to print) to the size indicated. So go ahead-- what are you waiting for? Create a dress the way Jane Austen's would have been made!      
Patterns are available at our online shop! Click here to browse our costume section. Reprinted from Masterpieces of Women's Costume of the 18th and 19th Centuries; Bernstein, Aline; Crown Publishers Inc, New York, 1959.

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Can’t wait to start sewing!

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