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Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy, dreaming - fiction

Mr Darcy, dreaming.   By Rani Jhala Last year I turned thirty. I was unmarried and worse had no prospect of marriage looming in the near futur...

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Jane Austen's Royal Readers - Jane Austen Online
Elizabeth Jane Timms

Jane Austen's Royal Readers

A brief exploration of Jane Austen's level of popularity with different members of the Royal family. Jane came to Winchester from her Hampshire co...

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acrostic poem

A Jane Austen Acrostic Poem

This week we were sent a charming acrostic poem by Violeta Murray. Jane Austen   Jewel in the English crown Attar of a rose in bown Ne...

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Export Deferral Strikes Again  - Jane Austen Online
jane austen news

Export Deferral Strikes Again 

Export Deferral Strikes Again  In recent years Ed Vaizey, UK Culture Minister, has used an export ban to fight items of great value and historical...

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A Jane Austen Reading Room - Jane Austen Online
Edward Austen

A Jane Austen Reading Room

A Jane Austen Reading Room The Minneapolis Institute of Art has restyled their Queen Anne period living room into an Austen-inspired liter...

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