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Article: News for Janeites : February 2021

News for Janeites : February 2021
Anya Taylor Joy

News for Janeites : February 2021

It's March! I don't know how you feel, but the sunshine has got me all excited about Spring. A romantic time, isn't it? As if we need an excuse to reread an Austen novel.

88-year-old gets her PhD... in Austen!
An 88-year-old at the University of Sydney has just become a Doctor of Austen. Dr Ruth Wilson's research considers the ways in which reading Austen can be a formative experience, used by young people to develop their experiences as student reader, as well as discussing the benefits of reading her work aloud.

110-year-old Austen collection unearthed in Inverness
What do you do when your bookshop can't open? Well, Charles Leakey of Inverness' Leakey's bookshop has been digging through his vast catalogue, and rediscovered a lovely collection of Jane Austen's from the early 20th century. Unfortunately, if you wanted to bag them for yourself, they've already been sold...

Modern Persuasion fails to charm
A new movie adaptation of Persuasion dropped on streaming platforms this month, but it has sadly failed to impress. What did you think of it? Guardian reviewer Cath Clarke writes that, "the film’s fundamental flaw, is turning woman-of-substance Anne Elliot into yet another romcom thirtysomething cat lady sighing dreamily at the Manhattan skyline while waiting for Mr Right." Oof, yikes!

de Wilde's Emma set to impress this awards season.
After squeaking just out of last year's awards season and possibly benefiting from a slightly quieter year, Autumn de Wilde's Emma (2020) looks set to get some well-earned recognition in this year's round of ceremonies. Whilst Anya Taylor-Joy was pipped to Best Actress- Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, it's still early days. The costume department in particular, looks set to do well!

Did I miss anything important? Do let me know in the comments.

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I continue to enjoy your news and informative articles. Thank you from the US and all the folks who have also survived this lockdown year in a bearable manner, with a cup of tea and the serial reading of Jane Austen!
❤️🎩, Susan


I read with interest the comment about the new movie version of Persuasion failing to create an impression. In a slightly different way but not going completely off-topic I can relate to the ‘yet another romcom’ comments of reviewer Cath Clarke, having just watched a TV programme discussing a classic novel. Ok, this concerned a different Jane – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, nothing to do with the work of Jane Austen – but having sat through some pretty sweeping statements made in the programme (unsubstantiated by any research that I’m aware of), I must say I find the tendency of film makers and programme presenters to start off with a premise, and then manipulate the account to suit the premise, somewhat tiresome. What I’m saying is that they should have their own ideas/theories by all means, nothing remotely wrong with that, but please don’t present surmises as the truth. Was the Reverend Bronte a supporter of slavery simply because he was known to be a Tory voter? Well, I’ve studied the Brontes for many years and if so, it’s news to me and I’d really like to know where is the evidence? No evidence? Well, in that case documentary/film makers – please don’t make assumptions!


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