Medically Speaking -

Medically Speaking

The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine by Roy Porter I decided, given the variation in literature available, to read and review three boo...

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The Girl From Botany Bay -

The Girl From Botany Bay

The Girl from Botany Bay by Carolly Erickson Mary Broad had a brief moment of celebrity, and this is probably one of the only reasons we know...

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The Art of Regency War -

The Art of Regency War

British Military Spectacle : From the Napoleonic Wars through the Crimea By Scott Hughs Myerly It was only after I had read some way into this ...

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Two Views of Napoleon -

Two Views of Napoleon

Napoleon's Russian Campaign by Count Phillipe-Paul de Segur This is a raw account of Napoleon's Russian 1812 Russian Campaign from not just an ...

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