A Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice: A Review

a-guinea-pig-pride-prejudiceA review by   Featuring key moments from the original text of Pride and Prejudice, this utterly adorable photographic journey, featuring a cast of guinea pigs, will delight adults as much as kids. Presented in amuse-bouche morsels,we are first introduced the cast. A lovely beige and white guinea pig named Molly plays Elizabeth and a dapper grey creature named Hollie plays Mr Darcy. My favourite is a pudgy white long-hair who plays Mrs Bennett. We are then taken on the narrative in Two Volumes, with delightful photography, whimsical sets and full costume from top hats to bonnets and bows.   The adorable costumes were sewn by Tess Gammell. What I love most about this book is that its cast are actually a band of rescued pets. Some welfare centres are dedicated exclusively to guinea pigs, and in a case of pet-done-good, what a joy it is to see these abandoned animals being loved and cared for, and starring in their very own book. The text includes quotes from Pride and Prejudice interspersed with text summarized by Alex Goodwin. The text includes quotes from Pride and Prejudice This small format book is perfect for little hands--and big ones, too. Title: A Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice Author: Jane Austen Abridgment: Alex Goodwin Photographs: Belmondo Illustrations featured in photos: Tess Gammell Publisher: Bloomsbury RRP: £7.99 GBP Publication Date: 13 October 2015 Format: Hard cover, small format ISBN: 9781632862426 For ages: 5+ Type: Picture Book
Tania McCartney 1Tania McCartney has been writing professionally for over 25 years, and is an author of adult and children’s books. An experienced editor, magazine writer and independent publisher, she has an unholy addiction to picture books--so much so, she has recently reconnected with her love of illustration. Her latest book, This is Captain Cook (with Christina Booth), was released March 2015. This review originally appeared on the blog Kids' Book Review. It is used here with permission.

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