The Jane Austen Quiz - Sense and Sensibility


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ClarkMum February 02, 2021

I love the way my deplorable scores are described. This week it was “perfectly respectable”. I felt educated in the previous format. Now it is like flash cards. Part of my improvement was rereading the question and thinking about the story. Having a longer time in the previous format was more fun. Please, go back. Thanks.

Becky J. October 17, 2020

Thank you for these weekly quizzes. They are fun and help me to recall various details about Jane Austen and her writings.

Debbie October 03, 2020

I do not care for the new format. I found the presentation distracting

Patty Rapisarda October 03, 2020

I much preferred the previous format although my scores are always quite low. I know more about Jane than her beautiful novels. Love the newsletters

Arthur Cook October 03, 2020

Please return to the previous format. I would like to see the correct answers for more than two seconds. Also, if 90% pick the wrong answer, how do we know which is the correct one?

Geraldine Nazar October 02, 2020

A quiz by any other name still a quiz. I truly enjoyed, always like to try something new.

Terry Hubener October 02, 2020

I definitely miss the previous quiz format. This was confusing and hard to enjoy.

Jenny October 02, 2020

Please go back to the previous type format.

Kathe October 02, 2020

I don’t like it for the same reason. Also, because I usually copy this quiz for a disabled member of the JAC who is unable to access it electronically & the graphics are no longer in copyable format.

John England October 02, 2020

I don’t like this interface, especially the automatic move to the next question. The timing to review the answers is far too short.
Also one question had the same answer twice, one marked wrong the other marked correct.

Adam Quinan October 02, 2020

The answer to question 3 is repeated twice.

Caroline Louissaint October 02, 2020

There care errors in the quiz

Debra October 02, 2020

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