Which Regency Profession Would You Have?


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tpshsygry April 14, 2021

I’m a woman, so my ‘career in the Navy’ would definitely not have been allowed. I daresay I’d have had to marry a naval captain and live vicariously through him.

Kylie October 09, 2020

A lawyer! Well, perhaps I’ll be reincarnated as one, represent the rich and famous and become just a bit rich and famous myself! (By the way, I love your literary quizzes and testing my knowledge of Jane Austen and her brilliant characters).

Margaret October 08, 2020

Also, please put the price directly on the original photo of the gift items, So we do not have to search.

Gloria Rotan October 07, 2020

I am a therapist, so somewhat connected to curate. Please bring back the literary quizzes . I missed my typical failing grade!

Gloria Rotan October 07, 2020

How ‘bout returning to literary quizzes?

Janis October 07, 2020

This is so funny – I am a retired pastor. I guess I followed the right profession all along. (The “test” says I should be a curate!!

Diane Mettam October 06, 2020

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