Rural Residences: Designs for Cottages, Small Villas and Other Buildings 1817

One of the services Ackerman's Repository of the Arts provided for it's readers (both at the time of publication and today) was the inclusion of colored fashion plates depicting not only the styles prevalent in Women's wear, but also in home fashion. Under normal circumstances, each issue would include at least one depiction of home furnishings (drapery, furniture, fire places, etc.) However, in 1816, a new series was designed, entitled Architectural Hints. When this series concluded in 1817, these illustrations were published together in 1818, in a separate book in titled "Rural Residences Consisting of a Series of Designs for Cottages, Small Villas and Other Ornamental Buildings". The drawings included in this series delightfully depict country living and might have been drawn straight from the pages of Sense and Sensibility, with their cottages, vicarage, and even out buildings.
“I am excessively fond of a cottage; there is always so much comfort, so much elegance about them. And I protest, if I had any money to spare, I should buy a little land and build one myself, within a short distance of London, where I might drive myself down at any time, and collect a few friends about me and be happy. I advise everybody who is going to build, to build a cottage.” ―Robert Ferrars, Sense and Sensibility
Enjoy the following drawings and blueprints from Ackerman's 1817 run.  Right click on each image and choose "view image" for a full size view. Ackermann's Repository - 1821 Poultry House plate 19 Ackermann's Repository - 1821 Laundry plate 25 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Villa plate 26 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Villa plate 13 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Bailiff's Cottage plate 24 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Cottage Ornee plate 6 - Copy Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Cottage plate 7 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Cottage plate 19 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Domestic Chapel plate 31 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Fishing Lodge plate 1 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Four Cottages plate 12 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Gothic Cottage plate 18 Ackermann's Repository - 1817 Ice House plate 32