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Article: Sew a Simple Waist Apron

Sew a Simple Waist Apron -
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Sew a Simple Waist Apron


Aprons were a necessity for the Regency Country wife. No other item could be as practical both for keeping precious gowns clean, but also for drying the hands (or tears) of the young ones, and even for gathering produce! Mrs. Austen is said to have dug her own potatoes in the Chawton Gardens wearing a "laborer's smock" over her gown to protect it from the dirt. This simple waist apron is adapted from and will provide you with a charming apron like that worn by Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) in Becoming Jane. 1 1/3 Yards of 45 inch wide cotton fabric Optional for tie: 2 yards of 2.5 inch grosgrain ribbon

Apron Body: Cut one piece of fabric 36 inches wide x 45 inches long.

Ties: |Cut 4 pieces of your fabric- 3 inches wide x 45 inches long. disregard in you purchased ribbon for your tie.

Waist Apron Body: Turn top down 1/4 of a inch to the inside,press, turn again and sew down close to the pressed edge. Do the same for the hem, then to both sides of the apron body.You now have your apron body completed.

Tie: Do this if you are using the fabric for your tie. Take 2 of the cut out tie pieces and with right sides together sew the 3 inch width, use a 3/8 inch seam. Do this to both. You will now have 2- 90 inch long ties.(approx)

Ties continued: On each tie press the long edges under 1/4 of an inch to the inside. Press the short ends under the same 1/4 inch and also to the inside. Now place the tie lengths wrong sides together, pin and sew close to the edge the entire length as well as the ends. Make adjustments here so the ties are laying neatly on each other before you start to sew.

Waist Apron Body Top Edge: Run a gather stitch by hand. Draw the gathering stitch until you apron is 17-20 inches wide. Fold your Apron Body in half to locate the center, mark. Fold your tie or ribbon in half to locate center. Place the center of the tie at the center apron body marking-remember this is your tie so keep this at the very top edge of the body piece. Looking at the inside of your apron, smooth the gathers down so that it will be as smooth as possible after you are done attaching the tie or ribbon.

Get it all smoothed out at the inside, check your measurement many times to make sure you are maintaining the 17-20 inches, also make sure that you will have the same length of ties on both ends by checking the center of your tie. Pin tie in place and slowly sew on both the top edge and the lower edge.

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