Le quiz Jane Austen - Tout est en ordre!

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hltxdsxkwp 24 avril 2021

Not clear how to complete this quiz.
Recorded an answer for me before I had worked out how to do it. Anyone else have this problem or was I just being stupid?

Ann McDonough 27 janvier 2021

Challenging! An appropriate quiz for Jane Austen readers. I think I’ll reread all the novels and try for a perfect score!

Janis 27 janvier 2021

Very difficult to move the choices. Would be better to have been shown correct answers

Kaye 26 janvier 2021

Would have been nice to know the correct answers.

Sharon L Jeffreys 26 janvier 2021

I did pretty well except for the men’s ages. Why didn’t you give us the answers?

Alondra Labute 26 janvier 2021

I’m a little disappointed not to be given the answers

Vicki 26 janvier 2021

It would have been nice to show the correct answers or did I miss something?

Geri 26 janvier 2021

Weren’t Persuasion and Northanger Abbey published together, after Jane Austen’s death?

Maria 26 janvier 2021

Great quiz!!!!!

Kathy 26 janvier 2021

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