Das Jane Austen Quiz - Fakten in der Fiktion

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Finally! I got a 10/10. I usually do so badly on these quizzes but have such a great time trying anyway. I signed up for the newsletter after visiting the Austen center in Bath in 2016 and its taken me all this time to get a perfect score. Thanks for creating these challenging quizzes!!

Deborah High September 02, 2020

I love these quizzes! As others have said, they send me back to the books to brush up on my knowledge. Thank you for making these such a regular feature :)

Kathy Dunce August 31, 2020

Love these quizzes, rather like detective work. The small details one has read but not quite absorbed. They make me re read to brush up the knowledge.

Irene Mulcahy August 30, 2020

Not sure about the games question. Rugby Football, invented about 1840 (football was ancinet). Lawn tennis 1850’s to 70’s (Royal/Real tennis ancient), Badminton 1860’s (Battledore and Shuttlecock were ancient).
Perhaps the question should be which game was known – and that would be cricket as the rules were similar to the game today.

Gordon Le Pard August 28, 2020

Delighted with quizzes
Make my week ..!!
Getting 8 or better out of 10
A real goal and challenge ..!!
Thank you !!keep them coming..
Excellent for Memory and enjoying
Jane Austen over and over..

Elizabeth Bryan Rhode August 28, 2020

I, like someone above said, really enjoy the quizzes and appreciate the treat they are in the middle of my work day. Thank you, Jane Austen Center!

Sincerely, from a colonist whose bucket list’s top item is to visit your center and walk in the country, if not the city of Bath, that Jane Austen did,
Kathleen Yerby

Kathleen Yerby August 28, 2020

I so look forward to the quiz every week and have been for quite a few years now.

Tamara Jones August 28, 2020

Thank you so much for the Quizzes. Really look forward to testing my knowledge or dipping into books again with renewed interest. Love the fact I get an instant answer and I always go back to start again to try and get 10/10 score in the end. Well done to whoever draws these quizzes up.

Linda Atkins August 28, 2020

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