The Jane Austen Quiz - An Order Of Quotes

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I usually enjoy your quizzes, but when two words are literally identical, to be told that I’ve made mistakes and put them in the wrong order is deeply irritating. How is anyone supposed to be able to differentiate between 2 identical words? It spoiled what would otherwise have been an interesting quiz for me.

Paula 22 mars 2021


gcrcisqwy 14 mars 2021

Agree with everyone else – when you’re told you’re wrong when using the same words, it very annoying. Badly done…..very badly done indeed!

Christa Stephens 04 mars 2021

Yes, it was a bit annoying when identical words were marked as a mistake.
BUT these quizzes are for free and my wife and I really appreciate your work and the fun you provide for us – again, FOR FREE.
So thank you.

Pat 03 mars 2021

I like the quizzes where you have to order of the events in the stories. This was just funny because of the identical words. I gave myself full marks anyway!

Denise Murphy 03 mars 2021

How can identical words be in the wrong place?!? These types of quizzes do not work, I’m afraid…..& more importantly, no fun😟

Kate 03 mars 2021

As above, as above, as above …..

Although I appreciate this is just a bit of fun, it needs to be fun.

Many thanks for all the normal style quizzes that are fun though :)

Charlotte 03 mars 2021

As above, as above, as above …..

Although I appreciate this is just a bit of fun, it needs to be fun.

Many thanks for all the normal style quizzes that are fun though :)

Charlotte 03 mars 2021

It should be obvious by now that these silly ‘putting things in order’ quizzes are irritating, Please change to a simple format.

Iris Dayson 03 mars 2021

Usually I enjoy the quizes a lot. This one was the worst ever, utterly ridiculous, poorly constructed, made no sense. Whomever approved it needs to go…. Please don’t do anymore of these….

Patricia Elsheimer 02 mars 2021

betsy smith 02 mars 2021

My problem was I could not get passed the first quote. The scrolling up and down did not work and while trying to get the words in order I was suddenly clicked back to the home page. When I got back to the quiz I had to start over from the beginning. After three tries I gave up. Too bad because I really enjoy the quiz feature.

Ronald Clark 02 mars 2021

I got the question with the ‘half’s’ right, lucky me. It was a 50/50 chance after all. So I persisted, It was the one that had four instances of the word ‘the’ that really got me. Not much chance of getting that one, obviously. I’d love to hear from anyone who did manage to get 100% though. I reckon they ought to buy themselves a lotto ticket. LOL

Vicki 02 mars 2021

What a load of rubbish! How can identical words be in the wrong place? What a ludicrous “quiz “!

A total waste of time😡

Jenny 02 mars 2021

I can understand why everyone is a little put out on this quiz! But it wasn’t as bad as everyone says! I found out that my Jane Austen skills are not as good as I thought them to be!
But it was still fun! :)

Catherine 02 mars 2021

I agree with all the other comments. Very frustrating. I don’t enjoy these “drag into place” quizzes. It’s a shame because I do so love taking these quizzes every week!

Grace 02 mars 2021

Who on Earth approved this?! I can’t believe that it was entirely computer generated and not tested once by human hands, as anyone who takes this test can plainly see how silly it is to be wrong because one didn’t guess the exact position of identical words! I just can’t fathom how this got to be online in this state. If it went through more than one person before being approved for the website it’s actually an even more of a sorry affair, as it would mean more than one individual thought it to be acceptable, and not at all mindlessly frustrating (or perhaps they are just incredibly lucky at guessing correctly!). Either way it appears bad that no-one behind this could be really be bothered, and will merrily post up any old rubbish just to fulfil the quiz quota. It’s just a little game, I’m aware, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to let the standards drop. It concerns me more to think what else gets cobbled together without being checked. Just a little more care would go a long way to stave off disappointment in future.

JP 02 mars 2021

Agreed it was a waste and an insult

Joann 02 mars 2021

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