¿A qué padre de Austen se le parece más el suyo?

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cqwstxiqcy abril 03, 2021

I enjoy the quizzes, just for the fun of it! I also like knowing that there are some men out there who read Jane Austin ’s books. I visited Bath with my son a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Carolyn BARTLETT diciembre 01, 2020

I enjoyed the quiz but there were some questions that didn’t have a suitable answer choice. But as it is just a fun thing, it was enjoyable. Mr Bennett was the most suitable result, however my Dad is better and would have made a superb gentleman of regency times and been able to teach them a lot.

Dawn diciembre 01, 2020

I normally enjoy the quizzes, but I have to say that as man, ( yes! A man who likes reading Jane Austen novels, and has done so since a girlfriend persuaded him to read P&P in the late 70’s) I do think you could try and make the questions more to do with Jane Austen’s works, life and the period she set her novels in, and less about your imagined desires of the modern single young women, who it seems, is the only possible reader of Miss Austen’s works you can devise questions for.

Robert Tiley diciembre 01, 2020