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How do I get my tickets if I live abroad?
Bath Box Office (who deal with most of our events tickets) do not post tickets overseas, you will have a couple of options to choose from when making your booking, for more information on booking tickets click here.

Can I buy a ticket for an event on the door?
When events are not sold out we will sell tickets on the door from half an hour before the event starts, however please be aware this only happens at limited events. Always check online to find out  the most recent ticket availability for events.

I’ve changed my mind and don’t want to attend an event, can I get a refund for my ticket?
No, all tickets for Jane Austen Festival events are non refundable. If the ticket has been purchased through Bath Box Office, it is best to contact them in case someone on the waiting list would like to purchase it from you. However this MUST be done through Bath Box Office, we will not accept any tickets for events that have been sold on independently.

Can I attend the festival without a chaperone? / by myself?
The Jane Austen Festival is a great place to find new friends, with 10 days of events centred around Jane Austen you will never be short of shared interests to discuss. Everyone is always lovely and friendly, you will come away from the Festival having made so many more friends. Many people find new friends at the Festival which they then return with the following year.

What is a Festival Friend?
By becoming a Festival Friend you will receive a host of different Jane Austen Festival benefits, including first access to find out about all our upcoming events, and priority booking for events; make sure you get that sought after sell out event ticket! Find out more on our Festival Friends page.

Do I have to attend the whole Festival?
Can I come to just one day at the Festival?There is no mandatory attendance for the Festival. People are welcome to come for just one day, a weekend, or the whole ten days. We would love for everyone to attend for the whole week, but there are plenty of interesting events going on so anytime is a good time to come.

Is the Jane Austen Festival a one off event?
The Jane Austen Festival is an annual event held in Bath, UK, held during the 2nd week of September. It runs for 10 days featuring over 80 events centred around the author Jane Austen.

Is the Summer Ball part of the Jane Austen Festival in September?
The Summer Ball is run by The Jane Austen Festival and is a stand alone annual event taking place in June/July.  For more information about this year’s Summer Ball click here

How do I get involved in the Festival?
We are always looking for new fresh exciting events to add to our Festival programme. If you have an idea/act or would like to just generally help out and support the Jane Austen Festival please check out our Get Involved page.

Do I need my own Regency costume for events? / Do I have to wear costume?
There are only a couple of events where Regency costume is obligatory, for example to take part in the Grand Regency Costumed Promenade on the first Saturday and our costumed Balls. You need to provide your own costume, more information about creating your Regency outfit, or where to hire one, is available on our Regency clothing page.

Can I change into my Regency costume at the event venues?
If you are attending an event in Regency costume, please arrive dressed as we cannot guarantee there will be anywhere to change at the venue.

Where can I leave my luggage while I’m at an event?
There are several places around Bath that cater for luggage storage, please be aware we cannot store luggage during Festival events.

Do I have to have a dancing partner for the dancing events?
No, everyone is welcome whether you attend as an individual or in a group. The dance workshops and balls are a great place to make new acquaintances and friends!

Can I take pictures at events?
Yes, please take as many photos as you like, outside photos of the big ensemble events are fine. Please post and tag us on as many social media platforms as you can! We love to see everyone’s Festival adventures. We would just ask that you check before taking photos of individuals, and you need parental/guardian permission before taking any photos of children.

How do I find where the events are held if I don’t know Bath?
Each Festival programme has a venue map on the back of it, and most of our events are held in popular, signposted venues. Always look out for one of our Regency dressed stewards too as we always position at least one outside each event venue entrance as a Jane Austen Festival signpost.

How do I get to Bath?
Bath is well connected by road, rail, bus, coach and air.

Can children attend events at the Jane Austen Festival?
Children are welcome at all our events. Yes, even those who are rather young to be out in society! Children under 16 in costume can participate for free in our Regency Promenade provided they are accompanied by a ticket-holding, costumed adult. We are very happy to welcome under 16s to all our other events, provided that they have a ticket, and are accompanied by an adult who also has a ticket. These tickets are sold at one rate only (we don’t have a child rate or a concession rate). Please note that the accompanying adult is responsible for the under 16 at all times during the event.

What do I do if I lose a member of my group?
If you lose any member of your group, or get lost yourself during the Festival, find one of our stewards and they will do their best to assist you. During the Promenade, the Guildhall will act as an assembly point for any missing children to be accompanied to, where they will be assisted to locate the rest of their party.

Does the Festival cater for people with mobility difficulties?
The majority of our venues are accessible, see our individual event location pages for more details. If using a wheelchair please advise the Box Office at the time of booking, and the venue, so suitable arrangements can be made for your comfort. We can only guarantee that the walking tours marked as being step-free in the programme are suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. If in doubt do email the Festival office