In quale delle case di Jane saresti più a tuo agio?

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I would not enjoy living in London unless I had a lot of money. I loved Chawton the most of all the Jane Austin sights I visited when I was in England. I took the quiz twice and the result was London twice. It would be last on my list of choices! I would prefer less personal quizzes.
The quiz I took before had me doing a cat puzzle. Puzzles are ok but I am not at all into cats!

Renée novembre 04, 2020

Interesting that I hoped to visit chawton this summer. Now waiting till we can go out and about freely. For those visiting the area, the nearby watercress line is an enjoyable excursion as is the town of Alton where one end of the watercress line shares station space with modern railway station. Quirky town with international eating buildings, including the French horn pub, small and traditional building with excellent cuisine if the landlord hasn’t changed since last year

Dawn ottobre 29, 2020

I’m not interested in which house or which hero would suit me!!!! Come on get back to the quizzes about Jane’s books or the Regency period, or even about her and her family.


Lynda Edmonds ottobre 29, 2020

interesting that the quiz matched me Miss Austen’s Chawton home because it is the only one I’ve yet been to

Kerri Stahl ottobre 28, 2020

Love the quiz and the snippets about Jane.Well done to the Editorial team !!

Terry Owen ottobre 28, 2020

Yes this is right I love Chawton been there a few times, just how I live now.

susan Mascall ottobre 28, 2020

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