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Thursday 19th September 2024

In Pursuit of Jane Austen - minibus tour to Hampshire

8:15 (return 16:30)

Meet: outside the Jane Austen Centre, 40 Gay Street, BA1 2NT

All-day minibus tour to Hampshire tracing Jane's footsteps and life. First her birthplace Steventon, then Chawton where much of her writing took place. Visiting Winchester, King Alfred's capital of England and Jane's final resting place in the cathedral. Meander with guide Adge through the ancient streets, impressive Peninsula Barracks and castle ruins. An unforgettable and atmospheric tour.
For this event you will travel in a small luxury 21st Century minibus driven by your tour guide Adge Secker.

Tickets £95 (excludes entrance fees)

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Funeral Talk_Maggie Barton_Website ratio.png__PID:222e8a36-043f-454c-b85c-0197fe211f5a

Race For an Heir

10:00 (duration 1 hour)

Venue: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, BA1 1UF

Back by popular demand after her brilliant look at Regency Funerals in 2023; Maggie Barton returns to the Festival with an entertaining and interactive talk on the Georgian dynasty. With 13 children, the succession should have been secure but George III was driven to despair by disease, debauchery and death among his boys, while his girls were secreted away. Come and hear their stories, how the Regency period came into being and how the family was plunged into a frantic Race for an Heir.

Tickets £13

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Our Grand Walk to Weston - walking tour

10:00 (duration 2hr 30mins)

Meet: outside No1 Royal Crescent, BA1 2LR

Retrace one of Jane Austen’s favourite walks with Bath Parade Guides. Up elegant Sion Hill with its stunning views, and across the fields to Weston and All Saint’s Church.
There are some hills, strong shoes are necessary. Coffee can be purchased at the Old Crown Pub in Weston where the walking tour ends.
Return via an easy 20-minute walk through Victoria Park to the Royal Crescent or catch the local bus back to the city centre.

Tickets £13

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16x9 Reticules.jpg__PID:51b18811-506e-4fc1-8e2d-580492bf08d1

Reticule Making Workshop

10:00 (duration 3 hours)

Venue: Bath Elim Church, Charlotte St, BA1 2ND

A reticule for a daytime promenade or an evening Ball is a must! Under the expert guidance of Sylvia Spilsbury from Bath Theatrical Costume Hire, using vintage sewing machines, create your very own reticule.
Pre-select your fabric and choose from an assortment of designs to complement your costume. You’ll take home a beautiful personally designed creation. ‘Make your own’ gift packs will also be available to purchase after the workshop (5 styles – one pattern).
All materials included along with complimentary tea and cake.

Tickets £130 from

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Stand & deliver_Mark Wallis_JAF24_onlinecrop.jpg__PID:45178605-55c7-4136-8bb9-5fae2f834592

Stand & Deliver! Desirable Dress Accessories in the Georgian Age

11.30 (duration 1 hour)

Venue: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, BA1 1UF

Highwaymen have long exercised a grip on the romantic imagination, but why is this, and why were they considered a cut above common thieves? And what did these 'Gentlemen of the Road' take from their victims? Mark Wallis' lively talk will answer these questions through the use of original objects from his collection which the audience is welcome to examine.

Tickets £13

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Murder at Kellynch Hall

12 noon (duration 3 hours)

Venue: Abbey Hotel, North Parade, BA1 1LF

Join the Moonstone Theatre Company for another Murder Mystery. William Eliot was dead. He had been murdered. His body had been found in the grounds of Kellynch Hall. Whilst in life he was considered by many to be charming, he was a cold, calculating opportunist. But who could have killed him? Was it Mrs Smith or Sir Walter Eliot or Mrs Clay? All of them had motives…..After the murder Captain Wentworth decided to take on the role of investigator and see if he, and the lunch guests, could discover the truth and bring the killer to justice.
Your ticket includes a two course lunch.

Tickets £50 

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Chat with Chawton.jpg__PID:860555c7-4136-4bb9-9fae-2f834592c61d

Pride & the Beast: The Jane Austen Fairytale

13:30 (duration 1 hour)

Venue: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, BA1 1UF

“Universal truths and happily ever-afters; Jane Austen and the fairy tale”
Monstrous, misunderstood men who own beautiful houses, young girls in red cloaks who fall prey to wolves in disguise, fathers who fall on hard times and let down their daughters; the plotlines of famous fairy tales, or themes within Pride and Prejudice?
This talk, by Jane Austen’s House Director Lizzie Dunford, will explore the presence and influence of classic literary fairy tales in Austen’s beloved novels and what these influences can tell us about her own reading.

Tickets £13

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Fencing workshop_JAF24_online crop.jpg__PID:f488b4ea-92a1-454f-826b-948c6bf9fdcd

Fencing Workshop

14:00 & 15:30 (duration 1hr 15mins)

Venue: City of Bath Scouts, 7 Grove St, Bathwick, BA2 6PJ

Join a Fencing taster workshop with Bath Sword Club and enjoy a taste of the sport rumoured to be Mr Darcy’s favourite. Learn offensive & defensive stances, putting them into choreographed non-contact sequences to experience your own ‘dual’.
Regency costume very welcome, but please be aware that protective safety equipment will be worn including a full head mask and glove. Flat shoes advised.

Tickets £25

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16x9 Parasols.jpg__PID:86a581e9-8f79-4751-b188-11506e6fc10e

Parasol Making Workshop

14:00 (duration 3 hours)

Venue: Bath Elim Church, Charlotte St, BA1 2ND

Under the expert guidance of Sylvia Spilsbury from Bath Theatrical Costume Hire, create and cover your own parasol with an exclusively designed canopy.
Pre-select your fabric to complement your costume. The parasol comes with a longer, detachable handle and matching storage sleeve. Leave with a completed parasol, a pattern, and the knowledge of how to create your own canopy to change as you please.
All materials included along with complimentary tea and cake.

Tickets £180 from

Email to book
Canal Cruise_BTCH_JAF224_uncut.jpg__PID:8f798751-b188-4150-ae6f-c10e2d580492

Afternoon Canal Cruise

14:00 (duration 3hrs 30mins)

Meet: outside the taxi rank entrance of Bath Spa Train Station, BA1 1SU

“If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”
Join us for an unforgettable afternoon canal cruise. Meet at Bath train station for a short train ride through the English countryside to Bradford on Avon. A promenade along the banks of the river takes us to the canal boat marina where we board the ‘Barbara McLellan’. We’ll then embark on a slow, truly delightful cruise along the canal passing through the Avoncliff Aqueduct. On board there will be afternoon tea, games and stories with and amusing conversation with the Queen of Hearts about affairs of the day. We shall have our own adventure.
Return train fare and afternoon tea included in ticket price.

Tickets £150  from

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Twilight Tours No1 Royal Crescent_JAF24_onlinecrop.png__PID:ae9f6c77-09fd-4e16-87b1-3801fd833f84

Jane Austen Twilight Tour of No.1 Royal Crescent

Open from 18:00 - 21:00. Last admission 8pm. Self-guided tour sessions available at ten minute intervals (duration 1 hour)

Venue: No.1 Royal Crescent, BA1 2LR

Visit No.1 Royal Crescent after hours and experience our immersive Jane Austen tour which brings the house to life. The self-guided tour looks at life in Britain in the 1790s – 1820 (the Regency into Late Georgian period), including when Austen was writing - and for a time living - in Bath.
This is an immersive 60-minute experience that runs on a timed loop. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your ticket slot, to ensure you do not miss any of your experience. The shop and bar close at 8.30pm.

Tickets £15.50 from

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High tea at Highbury_JAF24_onlonecrop.png__PID:6f264738-82c0-48ee-8980-bdfb80ba3250

High Tea at Highbury

19:00 (duration 3 hours)

Venue: Regency Tea Room, Jane Austen Centre, 40 Gay Street, BA1 2NT

Partake of a deliciously decadent selection of High Tea Treats, finished off with a traditional Regency pudding in the gorgeous surroundings of the Regency Tea Room. Complete with bubbles and highly entertaining Austen interpretations, why not escape for a couple of hours to this haven of literary fiction? With musical interludes join Emma and Jane Fairfax from the Jane Austen Centre and finally decide who is most accomplished.

Tickets £58

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ALL WALKING TOURS EXCEPT MR KNIGHTLEY ONES.jpg__PID:55c74136-cbb9-4fae-af83-4592c61d256a

Ghost Walk

19:45 (duration 1hr 30mins)

Meet: outside the main door of Bath Abbey, Abbey Churchyard, BA1 1LY

Take a leisurely night-time stroll through the haunted streets of Bath - listen to eerie stories of murder, mystery, mayhem, and ghosts. Including tales of execution areas, haunted pubs, the old hospital, theatre and, of course, the dualling ground where so many met a grisly fate. A scary and fun evening out!

Tickets £17

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Christian Brighty_web crop_23.jpg__PID:6c7709fd-ee16-47b1-b801-fd833f846eae

Lord Christian Brighty: An Apology to The Good People of Bath

21:00 (duration 1 hour)

Venue: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, BA1 1UF

Hot on the hooves of BBC Radio 4's The Many Wrongs Of Lord Christian Brighty, the reformed rake returns to Bath to make up for his wrongdoings, and see what new ones he can get away with. For one night only, TikTok's Mr Darcy (@brightybuoy) will hear your grievances against him personally, the aristocracy generally, and men flippantly. If Lord Christian Brighty can't solve it in this hour of comedy mayhem, then at least he tried and you just should drop it, alright? Note: By attending this evening you forgo all legal right to sue Lord Brighty for any wrongs, cuckoldings or bastards he may or may not be responsible for.
This performance is only suitable for viewers aged 18+ as it may contain scenes of a sexual nature, language & partial nudity. The Jane Austen Festival takes no responsibility for anyone swooning for lack of smelling salts; you have been warned!

Tickets £17

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