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2024 Jane Austen Festival Performance

Lost & Found_webcrop_23.jpg__PID:0466b21e-6832-4407-be91-82778b5f1a7d

Lost & Found - theatrical walking tour

Saturday 14th September - 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30 & 16:00

Sunday 15th September - 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00 & 15:30

Saturday 21st September - 11:30, 12noon, 12:30, 13:00 & 13:30

The Natural Theatre Company returns with their hilarious immersive walking tour show Lost & Found. Another lost Jane Austen novel has been unearthed in Bath, revealing more recognisable plotlines, familiar characters and just a little bit of nonsense. Immerse yourself in wooing, weeping and wagers as we wander around Bath, and watch this joyful story come to life around you!

Meet: at the top of Gravel Walk opposite No1 Royal Crescent, BA1 2LW

Jane Austen's Music_JAF 24_onlinecrop.png__PID:157f087a-cb2b-4303-9051-b1be00833bd1

Amusing Aunt Jane - with music from the Austen collection

Sunday 15th September - 18:00

Join us for an evening of Regency music from the Austen collection performed on original instruments. Hear how music played an important role in Jane’s life as an emotional and intellectual distraction and discover how, with typical Jane Austen subtlety, she weaves it into her novels to create plot twists, aid in courtship and turn a spotlight onto the rogues! With Lisa Timbs – Square Piano, Annemarie Rhys Jones – Harp, and Verity Joy – Soprano.

Venue: Tea Room, Assembly Rooms, Bennett Street, BA1 2QH

Narrated performance.11.9.2023. Beata Cosgrove Photography.jpg__PID:45dbe89d-7c56-4b84-87e3-be80d4e75cf5

Dancing in the Footsteps of Jane Austen - narrated performance

Monday 16th September - 15:30

Relax and enjoy performances of all the fashionable dances from Jane Austen’s Georgian era. From Minuet to Mazurka, from Cotillion to Quadrille, from the pacy Scottish Reel to the racy, scandalous Waltz!Offering a visual treat charting the chronological history of dancing throughout Jane Austen’s lifetime and beyond, for each dance we explain the background, read dance quotes from the time and surmise whether Jane Austen danced them or merely mentioned in her letters/novels.

Venue: St Swithins Church, The Paragon, BA1 5LY

High tea at Highbury_JAF24_onlonecrop.png__PID:6f264738-82c0-48ee-8980-bdfb80ba3250

High Tea at Highbury

Monday 16th & Thursday 19th September  - 19:00

Partake of a deliciously decadent selection of High Tea Treats, finished off with a traditional Regency pudding in the gorgeous surroundings of the Regency Tea Room. Complete with bubbles and highly entertaining Austen interpretations, why not escape for a couple of hours to this haven of literary fiction? With musical interludes join Emma and Jane Fairfax from the Jane Austen Centre and finally decide who is most accomplished.

Venue: Regency Tea Room, Jane Austen Centre, 40 Gay Street, BA1 2NT

Murder at Northanger Abbey_web crop_23.jpg__PID:06acd792-1de5-40e3-af61-54387eef050e

Murder at Kellynch Hall

Thursday 19th September - 12 noon

Join the Moonstone Theatre Company for another Murder Mystery.William Eliot was dead. He had been murdered. His body had been found in the grounds of Kellynch Hall. Whilst in life he was considered by many to be charming,he was a cold, calculating opportunist. But who could have killed him? Was it Mrs Smith or Sir Walter Eliot or Mrs Clay? All of them had motives…..After the murder Captain Wentworth decided to take on the role of investigator and see if he, and the lunch guests, could discover the truth and bring the killer to justice. Your ticket includes a 2 course lunch.

Venue: Abbey Hotel, North Parade, BA1 1LF

Christian Brighty_web crop_23.jpg__PID:6c7709fd-ee16-47b1-b801-fd833f846eae

Lord Christian Brighty: An Apology to The Good People of Bath

Thursday 19th September - 21:00

Hot on the hooves of BBC Radio 4's The Many Wrongs Of Lord Christian Brighty, the reformed rake returns to Bath to make up for his wrongdoings, and see what new ones he can get away with. For one night only, TikTok's Mr Darcy (@brightybuoy) will hear your grievances against him personally, the aristocracy generally, and men flippantly. If Lord Christian Brighty can't solve it in this hour of comedy mayhem, then at least he tried and you just should drop it, alright? Note: By attending this evening you forgo all legal right to sue Lord Brighty for any wrongs, cuckoldings or bastards he may or may not be responsible for. This performance is only suitable for viewers aged 18+ as it may contain scenes of a sexual nature, language & partial nudity. The Jane Austen Festival takes no responsibility for anyone swooning for lack of smelling salts; you have been warned!

Venue: The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn Street, BA1 1UF


Courtship with Kim Hicks

Friday 20th September - 14:30

Bristol-based actor Kim Hicks returns to the Jane Austen Festival to perform her internationally acclaimed one woman show, the longest running Jane Austen show in the world! With wonderful renditions of both well-known passages from the novels and less familiar pieces from the minor works, Kim reacquaints you with Austen's beautifully drawn characters.

Meet: in foyer of Theatre Royal, Saw Close, BA1 1ET

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Lady Susan

Friday 20th September - time tbc

This event still has details to be confirmed....check back soon! - a newsletter announcement will alert you when this event has further details confirmed.

Venue: tbc

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